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New Member Odom Re-Use Expanding to Grand Rapids Area

Located in Grawn, Michigan with a location soon opening in the Grand Rapids area, Odom Re-Use is a full service salvage, deconstruction and retail building materials operation. Serving building owners from institutional, commercial and residential sites, Odom’s bring value to customers in allowing them access to materials that might have been otherwise lost, and giving these materials another life.

Firmly dedicated to re-use and waste reduction, Odom’s uses re-used, local, low or non-toxic products wherever possible, recycles 90% of in-house waste, and educates customers on reuse everyday through workshops and tours.

According to company President Bruce Odom, steady support from the community and consistent demand for re-used construction materials will allow Odom Re-Use Co’s new store, located in Comstock Park on 4 Mile North, to open in May.

Both locations feature a wide range of re-useable materials, from doors, cabinets, and bathtubs to lumber and tongue-and-groove wood flooring. “Basically, anything that you can walk through and see in Home Depot can end up in our store, eventually,” he said.

Odom feels that the new Comstock location will not only provide a new point of sale and a way to meet Grand Rapids area contractors, but also create advantages for the original Grawn store, all while putting “the landfill on a diet one pink sink and one bi-fold door at a time,” he said.

“What I see happening for us is having greater efficiency and a lot more stimulating environment in both stores. We can share the highs of our inventory with the second store, and vice versa. It’s twice as much of a reach for our merchandise,” he said

Odom’s involvement in reused building materials and salvage began in 1993, when he established a re-use store as part of a nonprofit waste diversion program in Bellingham, Washington. Upon moving back to Michigan in 1998, Odom started a similar re-use store in the Traverse City area and found immediate support for the idea. “It was automatic—people were just waiting for someone to do this,” he said. “It did not take very long for the consumer to catch on.”

Since then, Odom Re-Use has completed 13 full building deconstructions, and sends out licensed salvage professionals to 40-50 job sites a year, working for the materials alone to keep up their inventory, which can be viewed online.

According to Odom, shrewd consumers are initially drawn to his business because of the value factor—used building materials typically sell for 50% or less of comparable new goods. “Once here, they receive the message of resource conservation, they see the quality, they rediscover the cool old designs, and they are in,” he said.

For Odom, who is involved in several other sustainability-minded efforts such as the Building Resiliency Tour in the Grand Traverse Area and the As Local As Possible Investment Club, working in re-use is more than a way to just earn money. “It’s Very satisfying to go to work where you engage in a set of values that matter to you personally,” he said. “We are very well known around the area, and have an odd celebrity status among hard core scroungers and reusers.”

Odom Re-Use will be hiring a Field Supervisor and Store Manager for the Grand Rapids location in coming weeks. Interested applicants should check the Odom Re-Use website for more information. For more information about Odom Re-Use Company, check their WMSBF Member page, here.

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