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Welcome New Member: Disher Design

Disher Design & Development is an industry leader in Discovery, Engineering and Design, and Manufacturing Technical Services whose design, engineering, and consulting services provide solutions from concept to production. Disher Design has a consistent track-record of developing award-winning, successful products for many Fortune 1000 companies.

Disher Design began as an automotive components designer and manufacturer. Through strategic and organic growth, Disher has expanded to encompass a comprehensive range of manufactured goods, from medical devices to office furniture and power tools.

Disher’s mission is “to make a positive difference.” One of the obvious ways to do this is through our stewardship of the environment.  At Disher Design,  environmental stewardship is done first hand by encouraging employee participation in community volunteer projects, such river clean-ups and hiking trail maintenance. Disher has also been involved with customer-driven sustainability projects, such as the development of “green” products. From more sustainable packaging material selections to production line efficiency, Disher Design has helped reduce waste and material usage for many different products.

Within the West Michigan region, Disher Design has also spread information through presentations to professional groups regarding design for dis-assembly and other important topics. Another specific emphasis has been assisting companies with packaging-related sustainability projects. Disher Design also has the capability to assist companies on lean and continuous improvement projects, which can benefit the environment through the elimination of waste as well as conception and refinement of sustainable product ideas by in-house industrial designers.

Disher believes that each individual should feel a social responsibility for the decisions that he or she makes (especially when buying a product!). Designers and engineers are in the unique situation to be able directly influence the environmental impacts that a product will create, and with that should come an increased feeling of responsibility for those decisions. At Disher, “Design for disassembly” as well as “Design for the environment” principles have been used to ensure easy disposal, appropriate material selection, and responsible product design and manufacturing.

For more information or to contact Disher Design, click here.

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