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Welcome New Member: Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown

The Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown is a hotel offering overnight stays, wedding accommodations, meeting and event rooms, and a full service restaurant and bar, Pearl Street Grill.

The Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown is able to incorporate sustainable practices while remaining competitive by ensuring that all practices selected keep our hotel at the pinnacle of comfort for our guests. Many of the green efforts occur behind the scenes, from recyclable and local purchasing to emphasizing recycling and composting throughout the hotel and restaurant.  While Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown is constantly working toward a more sustainable stay, the quality of the customers’ experience is always kept in mind.

Guests are invited to help improve the hotel’s green efforts.  Staff are encouraged to participate in volunteer efforts, such as the on-site garden from which produce is used in the hotel restaurant.  Welcoming the guest into a friendly, interactive environment allows Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown to continue green efforts while remaining competitive in the hospitality industry.

Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown’s active Green Team is responsible for a number of changes to the hotel’s daily operations, such as changing to the Ozone washing machine system, which utilizes less water and electricity per load, and keeping an updated Sustainability page on our website so that  guests stay informed of the hotel’s efforts.

Under the lead of the General Manager, each department also brainstorms one new green initiative each quarter. Examples include having the front desk staff use Google documents rather than hard copy forms, engineering converting light fixtures in bathrooms, and sales persons sending out e-holiday cards rather than standard snail mail versions.

At the Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown, the bottom line continues to balance fiscal and environmental responsibilities, often inquiring with outside parties when beneficial, and make the most educated choices.

To contact Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown, or for more information, click here.  

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