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Welcome New Member: Direct Trade Coffee Club

Photo courtesy Michael Allen Smith

The Direct Trade Coffee Club started with founders and current owners Kirby Watson and Chad Morton craving a higher-quality coffee experience.

“From our years in the coffee industry, we discovered the best coffee in the cup starts with great green coffee beans,” said Watson.    “Doing our research, we found that the truly great beans were being sourced by roasters who had a relationship with the farmer.  This relationship is a critical component to sustainable, high quality coffee.”

Watson and Morton began sourcing and distributing direct-trade coffee to consumers in 2009.  Since 2013, the Direct Trade Coffee Club roasts coffee to order right in Grand Rapids and ships it to consumers all over the U.S.

Partnering with the farmer directly enables Watson and Morton to obtain a consistent, high-quality supply of green coffee and ensures the farmer is compensated accordingly based on the level of quality they produce, and also allows purchasers to encourage sustainable growing practices on coffee farms.  While other sustainable sourcing models like Fair Trade ensure that coffee is being grown and harvested sustainably according to best practices, they do not take coffee quality into consideration.  The direct trade model ensures fair treatment and fair compensation for better beans, as well.

“Customers love [our coffee] once they taste the difference between our directly-sourced coffee and the roasters we compete against,” said Watson.

To learn more or to contact the Direct Trade Coffee Club, click here.

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