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Fulton Street Farmers Market featured in FOUA Review

Fans of local, fresh food in Grand Rapids are probably already familiar with the Fulton Street Farmers Market’s generous spread.   However, the local hub for produce has gained some attention from the Forum on Urban Agriculture (FOUA) for its success and good design.

The Fulton Street Farmers Market was featured in the 2013 case studies published by FOUA, among other projects from across the United States.

In the study, FOUA stated that the Farmers Market “attracts up to 11,000 visitors a week and weekend visits usually top 6,000. The market is also a valued community venue with active events at the street level plaza. Vendors sell products ranging from organic vegetables, artisan cheese to arts and crafts.”

The study also highlighted the architectural design that preserves the original 1926 Farmers Market office building, yet provides pedestrians and shoppers with a wide walking path that is covered from inclement weather and sun, as part of the reason the Farmer’s Market has been so well embraced by the community.

Read the entire selection of case studies here.

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