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Welcome New WMSBF Member: Simms Energy

Simms Energy is a privately owned company, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Our mission is to provide reliable, accessible and affordable technology that provides add on value for resellers and saves their customers energy, time and money.  Our technical expertise comes from years of experience in contract engineering. We have designed products for many industries that have successfully been brought to market and sold worldwide.

Simms Energy was formed as the result of our desire to develop our own energy saving products for the industrial and commercial markets.  We are constantly working to strengthen our national and international dealer network and currently have representation in the US, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. To strengthen our relationships and insure we provide the best products for our dealers, we focus on evolving our existing products and putting new ideas on the drawing board.  Simms Energy is committed to supplying products that add value to our dealer’s businesses and reduce costs for their customers. To us, building lasting relationships and offering quality products is what we strive for everyday.

We produce industrial monitoring and energy management products and solutions. Our solutions include hardware and cloud based software. The engineering behind Simms Energy is based on 12 years of contract engineering, design and taking product to market. In addition to the products we currently offer, we can design custom products to meet specific monitoring needs.

On sustainability:  We believe that the best approach to sustainability is awareness coupled with the tools to make intelligent decisions. Simms Energy supplies robust hardware and software solutions to auditors, mechanical contractors and ESCOs who offer value add-on services to their clients by analyzing data that is harvested by our monitors and environmental sensors. This data can be used as a watchdog to reveal waste, improve operations, reschedule production runs, prove the efficiency of new equipment and whatever else is important to a business.  When businesses run more efficiently, we all win.

Learn more about Simms Energy here.