January Meeting & Scholarship Recipient

January Meeting Overview

Kim Cameron at BunkerPositive energy, the heliotropic effect (organic tendency to lean towards the light), positive deviance, and a virtuous state of being; these were all key ingredients in Dr. Kim Cameron’s presentation on The Value of Virtuousness at Calvin College’s Bunker Interpretive Center. Dr. Cameron, of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, discussed research on the link between positive energy – or virtuousness – and employee performance in both the public and private sectors. He used empirical data and personal anecdotes to show this link, and to help define ways to increase positive energy and productivity, or a virtuous state within organizations.

Dr. Cameron pointed out that people organize to eliminate deviance from the norm, because deviance is seen as strictly negative. However, eliminating deviance also means taking away opportunities for individuals to be extraordinary. Virtuousness, positive imagery, and positive deviance create a state of coherence, where the mind and body functions are perfectly aligned. More information can be found on the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship website, http://www.centerforpos.org.

Special thanks to Busy Bea’s ServicesIDa Design, Lake Affect Design Studio The CarbonNeutral Company for sponsoring this special presentation to kick off the new year.

2013 Scholarship Recipient

Abby Samotis - scholarshipAlso at the meeting we introduced our 2012 Scholarship recipient:  Abby Samotis.  Abby is a Junior in the Sustainable Business program at Aquinas. Her passion was beautifully expressed in her essay:  My love for flowers accompanied me to my first job at a local greenhouse. I was living my dream. The hours I spent digging in the dirt, taught me more about life, than any teacher, preacher, or friend.  Seeing how much nature had taught me assured me it needed to stay incorporated in the rest of my life. Congratulations, Abby!!  And our sincere appreciation to all the students who submitted applications.  Our best wishes to you on your sustainability journeys.  We’re counting on you!!


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