The 2012 Essay Contest was a great success!

Topic:  What inspires your sense of responsibility; what underscores the commitment you’ve made in your work life and home life to contribute to a more sustainable world?

Winners:  Anne Reynolds & Dan Schoonmaker

Honorable Mentions:  Allison Arnold, Brian Shultz & John Ziech.

2012 essay contest readings can be viewed here:

You can read all submissions here:

Arnold, Alison

Beltman, Gerrit

Bonarski, Serena

Bowman, Zoe

Bronner, Kara

Bultman, Max

Bunse, Diane

Choffel, Alex

Command, Haley

Cook, Catherine

Curtiss, Miranda

Edwards, Richard

Ellis, Josh

Foley, Bill

Freestone, Ken

Hallsaxton, Morna

Hernandez, Kamil

Hofman, Jon

Hogan, Melena

Kelly, Michaeleen

Larson, Jonathan

Markel, Ellen

Maskell, Madelyn

Maycroft, Ricky

Mason, Victoria

McGrath, Shane

McKendrick, Elena

Merow, Katharine

Otto, Chuck

Parsaca, Carol

Pennington, Marlisa

Reynolds, Anne

Schoonmaker, Dan

Shultz, Brian

Swain, Marta

Visscher, Judy

Turner, Amy

Wilkinson, Andrew

Ziech, John

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