• Carol Parsaca, Pilgrim Manor — PresidentWMSBF-8
  • Steve Teitsma, Progressive A&E — Vice President
  • David Rinard , Steelcase, Inc. — Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jennifer Wammack, IDa Design — Immediate Past President
  • Phillip Greene, Grand Rapids Community College
  • Chad Gunnoe, Aquinas College
  • Theresa Hogerheide, MI Local Footbeet
  • Cindy Locklin, Busy Bea’s Services
  • Sara Meyer, ERM (Environmental Resources Management)
  • Wendy Ogilvie, Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds
  • Susan Paauwe, ERM (Environmental Resources Management)
  • Steve Ramus, Perrigo
  • Eric Saigeon, Intertek
  • Brian J. Smith, AL&S Compostable Products
  • Alison (Waske) Sutter, Key Green Solutions
  • Justin Swan, Organicycle
  • Doug Tamboer, Consumers Energy
  • Kristen Wieland, Kent County Department of Public Works
  • Daniel Schoonmaker — Director

BOD Election Policy
BOD Job Description
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Cindy C. Locklin

Cindy C. Locklin, President & CEO, Busy Bea’s Services, Inc. (2014-2016) I represent the small business sector and bring that perspective to decision making and the planning process.  I represent a small business doing what it can to embrace environmental sustainability.  I also am a small business owner that is passionate about corporate social responsibility and … Continue reading


Eric Saigeon

Eric Saigeon, Sustainability Manager, Intertek (2014-2016) After completing an internship in sustainability at Intertek testing labs from June to October 2012, Eric Saigeon has quickly created his ideal position within Intertek. Initially Eric learned the testing industry as a testing technician in the furniture test lab located in Grand Rapids Michigan. During this time Eric … Continue reading

WMSBF-3 (1)

Chad Gunnoe

Chad Gunnoe, Executive Vice President and Provost, Aquinas College (2014-2016) History Professor, Ph.D. University of Virginia, BA College of William and Mary, DAAD Fellow University of Heidelberg, outside fields in Economics, Sociology, & Theology.  Active in all aspects of the college’s sustainability work including substantial engagement with the Wege Foundation, AASHE, and the ACUPCC. Planned or facilitated … Continue reading


Brian J. Smith

Brian J. Smith, Zero Waste Advisor, AL&S Compostable Products (2014-2016) I have lived in Grand Rapids most of my life and am proud of our city. My background is Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. My 17-year career has included IS implementation, project management, MIS instruction and helping run and grow a local sustainable products distribution company. … Continue reading


David Rinard

David Rinard, Director of Global Environmental Performance, Steelcase Inc. (2014-2016)  David A. Rinard is director of Global Environmental Performance for Steelcase Inc., the global leader in the office furniture industry. Steelcase delivers a better work experience to its customers by providing products, services and insights into the ways people work. Its portfolio includes architecture, furniture … Continue reading


Alison Sutter

 Alison Sutter, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Key Green Solutions (2014-2016) • Licensed attorney, masters in environmental management and policy, undergraduate in architecture • Past involvement as a board member for the forum • Very well organized and well spoken, detail-oriented, analytical

Sara-Summer 2011

Sara Meyer

Sara Meyer, Project Scientist, Environmental Resources Management (1st full term) Sara Meyer is an environmental consultant with Environmental Resources Management, where she specializes in assisting companies to achieve and maintain compliance with environmental regulations, including Storm Water, Wastewater, and Air regulations. She regularly conducts site audits and works closely with her clients to help their companies … Continue reading

Steve Ramus

As the Global Head of CSR for Perrigo, Steve is responsible for the measuring, reporting and driving of sustainable and socially responsible business activities globally.  This includes, but is not limited to:  Ethical Sourcing and Social Compliance in the Supply Chain, measuring and reporting of Perrigo’s environmental performance and helping drive community involvement. Steve started … Continue reading